WebCatPlus Web Server Frequently Asked Questions

I want to read Analog inputs with WebCatPlus Web Server. What are my choices ?

Currently, TB-1, DAQ-2543 and DAQ-128 boards are supported. DAQ-2543 has 11 channels of 12-bit analog inputs. TB-1 has 4 channels of 8-bit analog inputs. Voltage range is 0 to 4 Volts. DAQ-128 has 8 channels of 12-bit analog inputs. Voltage range is -4 to 4 Volts. Up to 8 DAQ-128 boards and 1 DAQ-2543 board can be cascaded to have a total of 75 (64+11) analog inputs on one web server.
Also you canread analog signals on MINI-MAX/ARM-E terminals (4 channels, voltage range is 0 to 3 Volts).

Is there a 100-Mbit Ethernet version of WebCatPlus Web Server ?

Currently WebCatPlus Web Server is limited to 10-Mbit Ethernet. Many remote monitoring and control applications do not require 100 Mbit Ethernet because either the data collection is not fast enough to saturate the 10-Mbit connection or the connection bandwidth ( DSL, Cable Modem or Satellite ) is not more than 10-Mbit anyways.

How can I add support for devices that are not in BiPOM's list of supported devices ?

WebCatPlus Web Server has support for I2C bus commands. Virtually any I2C device can be accessed through the web interface using its unique I2C address. Also, generic commands and tags are supported to interface with a variety of RS232 Serial devices, LCD's and the micro-controller digital inputs and outputs.

Why should I need a WebCat Web Server when I can do the same with a PC ?

For the cost of electricity that a PC uses in less than 1 year, you can purchase the complete WebCat Web Server. Also, the PC itself costs several timesas much as WebCatPlus Web Serverifwe add the cost of the PC hardware, operating system, web server, analog and digital interface cards and the maintenance. PC typically consumes several hundred watts of electric power so operating a PC continuously for even few days in a powerless environment with battery power isimpossible. WebCatPlus Web Server consumes under 110mA.

How can I configure IP address ?

Insert MMC to PC reader and edit the following line of config.txt file


I can not even ping the WebCat Web Server on local network. How can I check Ethernet connection ?

Check LED's on the WebCatPlus board. Ethernet LED should be red if the Ethernet line is OK.
Unplug power to the WebcatPlus Web server and re-connect power. Try to ping the web server now. DEFAULT IP is
You can type


on your PC If this does not work, please check the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties under Control Panel->Network Connections.

I can not download any WEB page from a WebCatPlus Web Server. What should I do ?

Try to ping the server using the following command line

C:\WINDOWS\system32\ping XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is IP address.

If you can't ping please look at messages that the server sends trough its serial port (BAUDRATE=115200,8 BITS, NO PARITY,1 STOP).
Configure IP address if it is necessary.

WebCatPlus Web Server sends debug messages through its serial port at POWER ON. How can I disable the messages ?

Insert MMC to PC reader and edit the following line of


file to

DEBUG:NO # Disables Debug Messages

I would like to connect some external device to an 8-bit LCD connector. How can I prevent conflicts with a server firmware?

To freeLCD pinsfor your needs please instruct a WebCatPlus not to drive a 4-bit LCD anymore. To do it insert MMC to PC reader and change the following line of config.txt file to


A server does not replace ^DAQ2543:00^ tag inside ADC.HTM file.

WebCatPlus server replaces embedded tags only inside files which have ASP ( Active Server Page) and ATX (Active TeXt) extensions. Please rename your file to


I would like to generate LOW pulse on P0.11 pin each time when I open PULSE.ASP page.

WebCatPlus server supports embedded commands. The embedded commands are similar to tags and always begin with ^# symbols. In order to make these commands invisible on WEB page please put them to HTML comments. For example,


I would like to display ^DAQ2543:00^ static text on the ASP page. The server replaces it with real ADC value.

Please use the special ^DAQ2543:00^ construction to implement that.

I would like to send some 9-byte command to external RS-232 device and display its 6-char reply when I open SERIAL.ASP page.


How can I execute remote commands using command line of browser?

In order to send any remote command to the server you have to type a text on browser command line according to this template:


for example, to switch GREEN LED on TB-1 board try to type the following command

How can Iprotect my Web Server from unauthorized access ?

To protect your server from unauthorized access, you should fill the username and password fields in password.txt on your web server and set this file's attribute to hidden file to protect against this file being accessed directly. In this case, your server can not execute any commands if password fails.
For executing your commands on the password-protected web server, you should send username and password to the server using: