Introduction to WebCatPlus Web Server

Welcome to WebCatPlus, one of the world's smallest web servers. Occupying only 2.4?by 2.35?footprint and consuming under 100mA of current, WebCatPlus can operate from a small wall adapter or even batteries, yet allow you to monitor your data and control operations from around the world.

Combined with a large selection of peripheral boards from BiPOM Electronics, WebCatPlus packs versatility and power into a truly small form factor.

Turn relays on and off, rotate and tilt cameras, display alarms on LCD, VFD and OLED displays, reboot/reset a server PC, activate robotic arms, watch motor speed, log temperature and humidity, display pressure; thousands of other real-world, real-time control and monitoring applications are possible.

No more need for dedicated, power-hungry PC's or expensive embedded processor boards for simple to complex web-based monitoring and control.

All this is now possible without a single line of programming. WebCatPlus comes pre-loaded with a web server application that can read PC file format. Simply generate your HTMLs with your favorite editor ( for example, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc. ) or built-in free HTML Editor, insert tags to monitor data from real hardware, insert commands to control real hardware and you are ready to monitor and control the world.

WebCatPlus Web Server is not limited to HTML pages. All client side scripting languages, such as Java applets, Java scripts, VB Scripts are supported.

Memory size of the web site is limited only by the Multi Media Card (MMC) size. It is possible to have Megabytes ( even Gigabytes !!! ) of web pages.