Software setup

Please download WebCat Publisher release from

Installing WebCat Publisher

1. Run setup.exe. A welcome screen will appear.

2. Click Next. License Agreement will appear.

3. Click Yes if you agree to the terms of the license agreement. You will be asked to enter the destination location. It is recommended to use the default location although you can install the software in a different folder and/or on a different drive.

4. Click Next. Select the Program Folder.

5. Click Next. You will be asked to restart the computer. Normally, restarting your computer is necessary if you are installing WebCat Publisher for the very first time so that the file system driver can be installed. Subsequent installs of WebCat Publisher ( for example, for upgrades ) do not need a full restart of your computer.

6. Click Finish and your computer will be restarted. You are now ready to use the WebCat Publisher to create and download your web pages on WebCatPlus web server.