Multi-File Editor

The core of the development environment is the Multi-File Editor.

You can open several files at the same time and easily switch between files in the editor.
You can either make one file visible at a time or you can tile or cascade files to view several files at the same time. At all times, only one file is active; that is, one file has the focus.

Each file is viewed in its own edit window. Each edit window can be maximized, minimized, resized or closed independently of other edit windows.

To close a file, click on the file's edit window to make that file the active file. Then select File and Close.
To open an existing file, select File and Open. Select file's location and either type the file name or select file from the list of files that appear in Open window.
When opening a file, only the C files (files with extension .c or .h) are displayed by default. To display all the files in a folder, select All Files (*.*) in Files of Type selection.

If you open a file type that is not supported, for example a binary file, the file is still opened but only the printable characters are displayed.