Various tools can be launched from the Tools menu without leaving the Micro-IDE environment.Currently the following built-in tools are available:


Terminal allows connecting to target boards through an available serial port on the PC.Ports COM1 through COM8 are supported at baud rates up to 115200.See how terminal options can be changed.

To make the terminal window visible, select View and checkmark Terminal.Terminal window appears on the right-hand side of the Micro-IDE.You can reposition or resize the terminal window.

To connect to a target system, select Tools, Terminal and Connect.This opens the previously selected serial port and establishes connection.

To disconnect from a target system, select Tools, Terminal and Disconnect.


ASCII Chart displays the ASCII values from 0 to 255 in decimal and hexadecimal values.The character equivalents of printable codes are also displayed.


This selection starts the Windows calculator program.Calculator can be used for decimal to hex or hex to decimal conversions or other calculations that are needed during program development.

User-defined tools

You can also add tools of your own to "Tools" menu.Use "Add Tool" command under "Tools" menu to specify command line for your own tool. The new tool will appear in Tools menu.