Multi-channel Data Acquisition using DAQ-127/128

A simple, multi-channel, precision data acquisition system can be built using MINI-MAX/51, DAQ-127 ( or DAQ-128 ) and few lines of code in Micro-C. All 8 channels are scanned and results sent to the terminal as raw values from 0 to 4095 ( 12-bit resolution ). Build-in ReadMax127() function of Micro C hides the details of low level access to MAX127 and MAX128 ADC's on DAQ-127 and DAQ-128 boards. DAQ-127 has +/-10V input levels whereas DAQ-128 has +/-4.1V input levels.

Toolkit:Micro C 8051 Development System


Code Example

	/* Read all ADC channels */
	printf( "\nReading ADC channels, press a key to stop..." );
	for( ;; )
			if(ReadMax127(MAX127_ADDRESS, channel, &value) )
				printf("\n MAX127 Error ");
			else{	printf( "\nChannel %02d = %04d",channel,value  );}
		if( chkch() != 0 )  break;