Disassembly projects

It is sometimes necessary to disassemble existing .HEX binaries and to debug them.Micro-IDE supports such kind of operation. You can do it by following these simple steps:
  • If you have a project currently open, then close it.
  • Click [File->Open] menu command.
  • Select ".HEX files" from filter combobox.
  • Select the .HEX file you want to disassemble and click "/images/202/Open".
  • A dialog box will appear asking how to open this file. Select "Open as disassembly".
  • A normal Create Project dialog box will appear. Refer to Creating new project chapter for more details.
  • Once new project is created, the .HEX file you selected will be disassembled and resulting .ASM file will be added to the project. You can edit it, build or debug it as usual.
Note! You need to have "ASM51 Assembler for 8051-8052" toolkit installed in order to build the .ASM file!