Analog (DAC) Output using DAQ-2543 or DAQ127/128

Combines with a fast Digital To Analog Converter (DAC), MINI-MAX/51-C2 can act as a signal generator, producing arbitrary waveforms. This example generates a periodic ramp ( sawtooth waveform ) using the LTC1663 DAC from Linear Technology on DAQ-2543 and DAQ-127/128 boards.

Toolkit:Micro C 8051 Development System



DAQ-2543-DA-1 Board DAQ-2543-DA-1 Board
DAQ-128 Board DAQ-128 Board

Code Example

    UINT i;

    serinit(19200>>1);// Set the serial port to 19200 Baud

    printf( "\nChanging DAC output..." );

    I2C_Repair();//resets all I2C devices

    for( ;; )
        for( i=0; i<4095; i++ )
            WriteDAC( LTC1663_1, i );
            //printf ("\nDAC = %d",i);